Collar Guide

At Rael Brook we offer five collar styles, each in their own but all adhering the same rule of excellence and unwavering attention to detail. An excellent shirt collar frames a man’s visage, compliments his complexion and can make his outfit.

Classic Collar

This is our most traditional collar design, and a staple of the Rael Brook collection. The classic collar suits men with larger faces, yet still flatters all shapes and sizes. It’s characterised by its spread between the collar points and medium height.

Cutaway Collar

The Rael Brook cutaway collar is a modern style choice. The wider collar points are angled outwards rather than point down. It particularly suits those with slim or long faces or anyone who demands a modern twist to a traditional attire. The entire cutaway collar collection is available with removable collar stays, allowing a relaxed elegance or a dressed up look.

Wing Collar

This collar is designed specifically for a dress shirt, and teams up perfectly with one of our Folkespeare bow ties. Rather than the collar points facing down, a wing collar’s tip sit flat resembling a wing. The collar is starched and stands up, highlighting the bow tie. The wings connect by the neck and showcase a more triangular shape, rather than square

Mandarin Collar

The Rael Brook mandarin collar is an unfolded, stand up collar. The collar is best worn with a suit jacket or blazer and can be found in our Dresswear Collection. The mandarin collar has rounded edges and the points almost touch one another. Its close points give the wearer a sharp and elegant look.

Swept Wing Collar

The moderate swept collar is a high collar with a wide spread between collar points. The collars height flatters your neck and frames your face shape. The collar is widespread, emphasising the scrunchie or chosen neckpiece. An iconic collar which offers an elegant, sharp appearance.

Cuff Guide

Style lies in the detail and no detail is too small at Rael Brook. We know different gents prefer different cuffs, and the style you may wear to a wedding will differ to the one you might wear to the office or even the pub. For that reason you’ll see a variety of cuffs in our shirt ranges.

Classic Cuff

This is Rael Brook’s most popular cuff. The single cuff is with a rounded edge and two buttons. Our rounded cuff is modern and functionable, ideal for the office or anywhere you need to look smart. Our classic cuffs are convertible with buttonholes on both sides so that you can wear them with cufflinks, if required. All our plain shirts feature the classic cuff.

Mitre Cuff

The single cuff has a mitred angle at the button closure, this sharp touch is an understated classic. The feature adds an elegant touch to your appearance providing the shirt with a smart yet edgy look. The mitre cuff can be found on a selection of our tailored fit shirts.

Double Cuff

Our double cuffs are timeless and sophisticated with a neat square corner and pristine fold. This is Rael Brook’s most formal cuff style, perfect for black tie events, weddings or celebrations. Pair with simple sterling silver cufflinks. The double cuff is featured on a selection of our dresswear.

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